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Campaign 2 April 2006


The first campaign happened nearly 2 years ago and was directed to get the New Telecommunications Law in Belgium to include amendments that would oblige the ISP's to protect the internet in Belgium for free from viruses and SPAM. THis passed last year.



Now it seems the second gatekeeper isn't doing anything against malware, spyware, phishing and crooks. It is our belgian domain gardian.


__The .be (belgian domainname) typosquatting campaign__


By http://ekz.skynetblogs.be the IT security blog


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This is for the moment the place where we will organise all the information - and new comments about the typosquatting plaque in the .be domain.


ALL PAGES ARE HERE http://itsecurity.pbwiki.com/AllPages


updates in rss http://itsecurity.pbwiki.com/rss2.php


http://itsecurity.pbwiki.com/NEWS News about typosquatting


__Typosquatting __is where domainnames are registred only because they contain typing mistakes of domainnames with enormous or important traffic. The goals are to sell them to the righteous owners or to get some traffic for the ads that are hosted on the pages. Some install spyware or tracking cookies on the computers.


Information about typosquatting


Who is a victim

examples of victims of this fraud and irresponsability by dns.be can be found here http://itsecurity.pbwiki.com/belgian%20typosquatted%20domains%20


It should be easy for the firms or institutions that manage domainnames to refuse this kind of domainnames or to use the tools to control if some of these domainnames are being created or used with solely that purpose, to declare it illegal and to transfer the ownership of the domain. It should also be possible to block this kind of registration before activating it by declaring the practise illegal.


Protect yourself


For internet users

protect your surf online against typosquatting


For domain owners




for .be domain owners



your complaints should incorporate the following proof (screenshots) of abuse as decided by the international arbitration courts about typosquatting

judicial decisions that you should read before writing your complaint


Who are we up against ?


We are up against Google who owns the biggest offender oingo, indexes the parked typosquatted domainnames in its databases and sells advertising on them

Google hosts the most typosquatters and finances them


The ever-growing list to block in proxies and firewalls is here

the typosquatters domains and revenue base


More links and information


More than 3000 links to security info, tools and general freeware http://www.securingit.tk

More than 300 Rss feeds http://www.bloglines.com/public/ekz


Thanks for your visits and comments


You can send them to mailforlen@yahoo.com and if you want to help editing and adding this campaign, you can become a co-editor

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